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Inheritance Tax Planning

It is extremely important when you reach a certain age or a certain level of wealth to consider your options in terms of protecting your beneficiaries and your estate. People are often confused by inheritance tax, especially if your country of residence has no such thing as inheritance tax. It is not down to your residence or even what passport you hold, instead down to where you are domiciled or in some cases where your father is/was domiciled.

There are fortunately a number of tax planning tools that you can utilise such as:

  • Residential Property 'Tenancy in Common'
  • Annual Iht Tax Exemption
  • Donations to Charities and Political Parties
  • Gifts on Marriage
  • Life Assurance Policies in Trust 
  • Life Time Gifts/Potential Exempt Transfers (Pets) 
  • Second Death Whole of Life Assurance 
  • Trusts 

It is important that you get your IHT planning right, otherwise it could be a very expensive exercise that may still not stand up against any local government authority charged with collect IHT.

Our Process

Our process

Key Considerations

  • Identify your personal goals
  • Optimised portfolio for growth, income or protection 
  • Initial risk assessment to determine your profile 
  • Taxation in your country of domicile and residence  
  • Find the most cost effective solution 

Added Value with The Baumann Group

  • Fully qualified advisers 
  • Bespoke portfolio optimisation system 
  • Discounted funds 
  • Exclusive The Baumann Group funds 
  • Private banking fund platform
  • Non-market correlated funds 
  • Online client portal 
  • Regular updates
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