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Venture Capital

We partner companies that are looking for much-needed Growth Capital to assist in taking their companies to the forefront of their market. Focusing on companies that have a strong management team and total commitment to succeed, we give them the tools and finances to allow them to flourish, grow and meet their objectives that, without such capital, they would be unable to achieve.

We have a long history in aiding such companies and, over the years we have helped to develop and assist in the growth of many companies over a wide range of industries, products and services; thus helping these companies achieve the levels of growth required by their original investors.

The Baumann Group do this by seeking out and involving various types of investments across a broad range of investment sources. We achieve the necessary financial commitments that create a solid foundation in the companies we partner. Thus ensuring the integrity of the various products, services and industries that are relevant to each individual company or group of companies at their initial and subsequent stages of growth.


Our Process

Key Considerations

  • Identify your personal goals
  • Optimised portfolio for growth, income or protection 
  • Initial risk assessment to determine your profile 
  • Taxation in your country of domicile and residence  
  • Find the most cost effective solution 

Added Value with The Baumann Group

  • Fully qualified advisers 
  • Bespoke portfolio optimisation system 
  • Discounted funds 
  • Exclusive The Baumann Group funds 
  • Private banking fund platform
  • Non-market correlated funds 
  • Online client portal 
  • Regular updates
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