Baumann Group

Wealth Management

Our unique and bespoke service, utilises technology driven methods that have the capability of analysing the daily performance of over 25,000 funds worldwide at any one time.

Our first step is to backtest any existing portfolio you may have to ensure it is in line with your risk appetite and desired growth or income. We will then optimise your existing portfolio or create a new portfolio in line with your risk profile and market conditions. This helps to ensure minimum downside and maximum upside growth is achieved. This is constantly monitored, reviewed and optimised in line with your investment objectives.

Our Process

Key Considerations

  • Identify your personal goals
  • Optimised portfolio for growth, income or protection
  • Initial risk assessment to determine your profile
  • Taxation in your country of domicile and residence
  • Find the most cost effective solution

Added Value with The Baumann Group

  • Fully qualified advisers
  • Bespoke portfolio optimisation system
  • Discounted funds
  • Exclusive The Baumann Group funds
  • Private banking fund platform
  • Non-market correlated funds
  • Online client portal
  • Regular updates
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